Drilling your gas tank to steal fuel is the latest crime trend

From Steal Armor, the largest manufacture of Portable Security Alarm Systems would like to introduce you to its newest product.  Prearmor, a Field Disturbance Sensor designed to protect your vehicles under carriage. Housed in a waterproof enclosure this unique device detects movement below the vehicle frame. Until now over looked.  Important in today's marketplace with the increase of gas and catalytic theft.

Prearmor offers an easy 4 wire hook-up that works with any of the major alarm systems on the market today.  Violate this invisible zone under your vehicle and your alarm will trigger

Protecting your gas tank from this new trend takes a unique device like Prearmor. Using the latest design in RF Technology, Prearmor will warn if a would be thief attempts to slide under your vehicle to cut a rubber gas lines or drill a hole in your tank.  Very dangerous for the thief of course but equally dangerous for you if the leak goes unnoticed when you attempt to start your vehicle or drive down the highway.
This theft trend is of course is driven by the high fuel price.  Not just in the US but all over the world fuel prices are at a all time high.  As the price increases so does the theft of fuel.  Keeping gas in your tank is not just a matter of filling up.  The real cost of gas theft to you would be the cost of repair.  Many times greater than the cost to replace just the stolen fuel.  Plugging the hole in the tank is not your average garage repair.  Most mechanics recommend tank replacement.  Now we are talking 500 plus. But lets not overlook the danger aspect of this type of crime.

Property can be replaced but the real cost of this kind of crime lies in the risk of fire or explosion. 

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Tank puncturing, tank drilling has yet to reach the radar screens of law enforcement organizations such as the National Sheriffs' Association, or the Automotive Service Association, a group that represents independent garage operators.

Still, at least one insurance company has taken notice: AAA Mid-Atlantic issued a press release earlier this month that cited a case in April in Bethesda, Md., involving a thief who broke the fuel line underneath a car and sapped five gallons of gas. Montgomery County police said a bus in the same parking lot had 30 gallons of diesel stolen.

"These are crimes of opportunity," said AAA spokeswoman Catherine Rossi. "Right now, some people think that stealing gas is a way to get rich quick. It becomes a question of whether you're leaving yourself open to the possibility that someone can get to your car without being seen."
Locking gas caps offer a limited amount of securing to prevent gas theft.  Most are made out of plastic and can easily be twisted off with  little effort.  If a thief decides to forgo the task of removing the locking cap the result might be to cut or drill your tank from underneath. 

Preventing Gas Theft other than just a locking cap is new to the security market.  Steal Armor recognized this trend early and acted with the Prearmor sensor.  Placing Prearmor under your vehicle will guard you against underbody violations. Arm your security system and Prearmor will   blanket the under carriage. Field tests show area of coverage can be extended out from under vehicle if desired.  This will offer additional protection to the license plate, wheels, fog lights, nerf bars, exhausts, etc.
"Preventing the attempt of drilling gas tank is worth more than preventing the actual theft"
The Prearmor Sensor™ is the first of its kind to address this type of theft.  Your installed after market or factory alarm does not protect  this under carriage zone. A thief can crawl under your vehicle without detection and steal your fuel, catalytic converter, etc or cut brake cables or fuel lines.   Adding a Prearmor sensor will trigger your alarm giving you total vehicle protection from top to bottom. 
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Follow this link for related videos:  Stop fuel theft, Gas theft, Stealing gas, Drill gas tank, Gas stolen, Punch gas tank, etc....
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Leaking gas starts fire
If the thief screws up and starts a fire, surrounding property and lives are at risk.  If the theft goes undetected and your tank is leaking fuel, any spark will ignite the fuel and your car becomes a rolling time bomb
Stolen gas goes unreported
Locking up your gas tank
Your family is left at risk
Does your alarm protect you from gas theft?